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What is Yozakura?

Yozakura is the home for all my personal projects, and eventually it’ll have some projects made by my friends.
When I decide to make a project, alone or with other people, or a friend decides to make a project that I find interesting, it becomes a Yozakura project.
In short, Yozakura is a gallery, potentially a collective, and a label, open to an indefinite number of possibilities, could it be a short film, a video game, a book, a music album. Anything.

Who exactly is “I”?

On the internet, I’m known as Exentio. My personal page is exentio.sexy, just go there if you’re curious about me.

Ok, this is interesting. How can I help?

Every project will accept donations, so just go there and support the projects themselves. Currently there’s no need for anything else.

What if I want you to publish/promote my project?

Well, I want to focus on personal stuff, and eventually my friends’ works, but if you really want to publish your stuff on Yozakura, contact me and I’ll think about it.

Why “Yozakura”?

Because Hiizumi Life Counselling Office is too long, hard to remember and misleading.

Your logo uses the Dead Stock font. Do you have a license for it?

No. But I’m gonna replace it someday.